A Quick Overview of Android OS - FAQ, Reset

A Quick Overview of Android OS – FAQ, Reset

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To the user to be completely happy, he needs to learn how to deal with their smartphone, understand it and are constantly updated. The latest version of Android regularly released, bringing more and more innovations. In order not to get lost in all these innovations, we have prepared for you a small FAQ on the All Android, which will help to avoid problems while using your phone. I recommend to download GTA San Andreas on Android, but if all the same do not like the genre, you see the top 10 games android!

“I’m tired of everything here!” Or how to update the firmware?

No special knowledge to successfully install the new firmware is not necessary. Moreover, all the software is free. But you have to be on the alert: if the phone is a bit outdated, it will update, perhaps only in the manual mode. And it will not be any problems. Let’s talk about how to update your new phone by a wireless network. The first thing you need to make sure that the phone is well charged. To update your current Android, you must connect via Wi-Fi internet. Be careful – only the Wifi, no connections 3Gili worse, EDGE. There is a tab “About phone” in your phone settings. There you can see all the important information, spending less than a minute. On more recent versions AndroidOCponadobitsya goes to the tab “About your device,” and only then look for a section to download the firmware update and distributions from official sources.

The most common problem.

Android operating system questions and answers – these information pages are taking place almost every self-respecting resource on Android technology. After analyzing many instructions, we concluded that the most frequent users are a matter of installing the application on the phone. How to do this, you need to download, and can not install apps from the official GooglePlay?

Let’s start with the fact that every game, office application, file manager and photo editor have the extension .apk. If this extension is not present – not the app for a smartphone based on Android, and is just about it forget.

What do you think, what option is considered to be the easiest? Installation option directly from the phone. Gather Internet traffic, friends, because of GooglePlaymilliony shooters, quests, logic simulators, and development. Each device is pre-installed application google play, registering where you can download different games and programs for every taste and color, for adults and children.

Before the user, even if a novice, sooner or later the question arises whether it is possible to install applications not from Google play, and from third-party sources. Perhaps sometimes it saves money because the paid app from GooglePlay can be filled in on the Internet in free form. Our ACF for Android offers you to go to “Settings,” and then put a check mark in the “Unknown sources.” In this case, you can install any application with the extension .apk.As an alternative, we offer you to download the application on your computer, and then copy it to a flash drive device and install.

For those who want more freedom.

As is well known, Android, along with other operating systems of our time, offers quite an open system. How does this help us, ordinary users? The fact is that by setting the Root-right on your Droid, you can get full control of the OS. Within reason, of course. You can modify system files, themes, calendar applications, watches and much more.

If he still hangs!

HardReset, he is a hard reset deletes all user data and returns the system to the initial state.If you have forgotten how to look at the phone the day of purchase, when you turn it on for the first time, HardReset can recall. Why does it? Throwing settings, deleting all data on the phone, you will get rid of the device freezes, viruses, and unnecessary extra information. The only thing – it must be remembered that all sensitive data is to be transferred to secure the device from which they can be written back to the reset Android pose. In Settings “Built-in Memory” section, there is an item “Reset to factory settings.” He did, and we need one.Sometimes, this may be on the tab “Privacy.” In extreme cases, when the device is not turned on, the procedure can be carried out through recovery mode. Each model phone Android’s combination of keys, which will happen after pressing the download window. Before your eyes is a small list, which can be controlled using the volume button. Among the inscriptions can be found Wipe data/factory reset. This will help reset. The main thing – do not forget the valuable information, and ensure the safety of it.

They Are Talking About us – Find Out What They Say

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Hi starounders,

to check Sourisack & Adrien’s performance live on stage, check this video.

Hi starounders,

To see the pre-competition pitch in replay (HD !), check this video

For now, it’s mainly French PR as we just went to LeWeb’11 in Paris.

[TWITTER] PierreOlivier Carles (Entrepreneur récidiviste) : “Staround est le genre de projet qu’on aime bien. Je n’ai pas contribué mais le prix @Labotec n’est pas un hasard…”

Dear starounders,As you know already, we are in finals of LeWeb’11. Now it’s time for the Public vote, to help us win the Public Choice Award. Just click on the “VOTE” buttonJust click on the “VOTE” button here and it’s done!Spread it to all your friends and revote every day until this Friday

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Dear starounders,

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This is a huge achievement for us and we owe you a big THANK YOU for your incredible support:

Our video on Youtube gathered more than 2300 views (and much more votes !) in just a few days.

It’s worth adding that votes weren’t enough to get into it. Public support was a key driver, but the jury also picked the most interesting projects with their own analysis.

This achievement has multiplied our motivation to enhanced the current version: we are more focused than ever on the quality of experience in the app. We really believe that we are filling a gap, a need of the social mobile crowd: sharing your best/worsts moments in life & interact about it with your friends.

 the app is still in beta, your feedbacks are still welcomed!

Dear starounders,we are very proud to announce you that a first version of the app was submitted to the AppStore. It should be validated by end of next week….This is still a beta-version though, with some improvement on ergonomy & design to make.However, the app is working fine, so you’ll be able to feedback us as first staround users!

How exciting uhhh?

staround got 2nd place in Start in Paris #12 (that was a close call !)Dear starounders,After our competitors pitched (mainly websites: finding nannies, consumer goods trials, coupons in bars, B2B platform for designers), we were finally able to speak about our beloved social opinion sharing project.Use cases & cool pics got quite a traction from the crowd: we arrive 2nd, only loosing to a quite grown-up website (already 60+k users), and only by a few votes! (3% on less than 200 voters)

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