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Hi starounders,

to check Sourisack & Adrien’s performance live on stage, check this video.

Hi starounders,

To see the pre-competition pitch in replay (HD !), check this video

For now, it’s mainly French PR as we just went to LeWeb’11 in Paris.

[TWITTER] PierreOlivier Carles (Entrepreneur récidiviste) : “Staround est le genre de projet qu’on aime bien. Je n’ai pas contribué mais le prix @Labotec n’est pas un hasard…”

Dear starounders,As you know already, we are in finals of LeWeb’11. Now it’s time for the Public vote, to help us win the Public Choice Award. Just click on the “VOTE” buttonJust click on the “VOTE” button here and it’s done!Spread it to all your friends and revote every day until this Friday

thanks a lot and see you!

Dear starounders,

This is it!

Right now you can download the beta version of staround for iOS devices here.
Our advice: hurry up to grab your staround ID before it’s taken!

We are quite eager to gather your feedbacks to get a perfect & polished service: beta–at–

Don’t forget also to rate & comment into the AppStore itself (you’re keen to rate for being a starounder uhh ?)

In short: spread the word & gather friends in staround to multiply the staround power!

Verdict is in: staround will be in this major startup competition.

This is a huge achievement for us and we owe you a big THANK YOU for your incredible support:

Our video on Youtube gathered more than 2300 views (and much more votes !) in just a few days.

It’s worth adding that votes weren’t enough to get into it. Public support was a key driver, but the jury also picked the most interesting projects with their own analysis.

This achievement has multiplied our motivation to enhanced the current version: we are more focused than ever on the quality of experience in the app. We really believe that we are filling a gap, a need of the social mobile crowd: sharing your best/worsts moments in life & interact about it with your friends.

 the app is still in beta, your feedbacks are still welcomed!

Dear starounders,we are very proud to announce you that a first version of the app was submitted to the AppStore. It should be validated by end of next week….This is still a beta-version though, with some improvement on ergonomy & design to make.However, the app is working fine, so you’ll be able to feedback us as first staround users!

How exciting uhhh?

staround got 2nd place in Start in Paris #12 (that was a close call !)Dear starounders,After our competitors pitched (mainly websites: finding nannies, consumer goods trials, coupons in bars, B2B platform for designers), we were finally able to speak about our beloved social opinion sharing project.Use cases & cool pics got quite a traction from the crowd: we arrive 2nd, only loosing to a quite grown-up website (already 60+k users), and only by a few votes! (3% on less than 200 voters)

The whole DaHugePanda was around to cheer up our pitcher and several fans who voted for SiP#12 selection too.Next time we’ll nail it, with your help!
Dears starounders,Our team is happy to announce that our project has collected the highest amount of support votes for the startup competition Start in Paris (SiP #12).Among 25 projects, only 5 are selected to give a pitch on November 7th in Le Players bar in Paris.We will be able to explain to quite a geeky crowd what are we doing and why our staround service is awesome.

Can’t wait for it, may the best project win!

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